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Ethiopian Sidamo

Ethiopian Sidamo

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Nostalgic Note: Energetic and free-spirited.  Like skipping through a berry patch on a breezy mid-summer day while nibbling on a flaky danish (gluten-free optional)

In the Cup: Berry Jam, Pie Spices, Clean

OROMIA Co-Op, Sidamo Region
Established 1999, Fair Trade since 2002

Natural, Sun-Dried
Varietals: Heirloom Ethiopian varieties
Harvest: October-March
Altitude: 1,550-2200 meters

Ethiopia is widely known for being the true birthplace of coffee.  It is said that a goat herder was traveling through the Sidamo region when he noticed his goats chewing on strange cherries.  After realizing the goats' boost in energy and stamina, he figured that there was something special about these cherries, and so, coffee was born.  Today, Ethiopia is a huge leader in the specialty coffee industry, producing some of the wildest, most delicate and sought-after coffees in the world.  This organic, fair trade crop from the Sidamo region is a natural processed coffee with light berry notes and a pronounced pie spice aroma.

The OROMIA co-op is a fair trade cooperative focused on improving farming conditions and coffee production in the Sidamo Region of Ethiopia.  The cooperative uses over $800,000 of it's Fair Trade premium to invest in increasing community education, improving road conditions and access to potable water, and bringing affordable health systems to rural areas. In future years, OROMIA hopes to increase their influence in helping farmers get the most out of their crops and optimize production levels.