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Colombia Cafe Femenino- 5lb Bag (Wholesale)

Colombia Cafe Femenino- 5lb Bag (Wholesale)

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In the Cup: Caramel, Butterscotch, Dried Fruit


Producer: Cosurca Co-Op
Established 2004
438 Female Members, 26 Female Leaders
Region: Cauca, Popayan
Process: Washed
Varietals: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Harvest: May-October
Altitude: 1,375-1900 meters above sea level

Colombia is a country that is historically controversial.  Violent drug trade had ruled much of the land for many years, though now, the tides are beginning to turn.  As the country turns its focus to it's vast and steadily growing coffee sector, the Cafe´ Femenino organization is fighting to help establish a voice for women in coffee producing regions.  Overcoming income and gender inequality is a tall task, and one that must involve cooperation and diplomacy on all sides.  Since 2004, the Cosurca co-op has grown to include 438 Female Members and 26 Female Leaders.  These women decide on and initiate projects that will improve the lives of families in their communities.  Projects include kitchen renovations in homes to bring running water and vastly improve the respiratory health of women and children who spend the bulk of their time in the kitchen.

The coffee that these women grow and produce is vibrant and beautiful. We roast it to its peak to bring out its natural sweetness and delicious dried fruit and hazelnut flavors.  This coffee can be enjoyed in a number of different brew methods or even as a single-origin espresso.  Throw it into your cold brew device and discover the sweet chocolatey notes this coffee showcases. This is one of those all-day drinkers you can't keep out of your cup.