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How To: Brew with a Pour Over

Things you'll need:

  • Pour Over

  • V60 Paper Filter

  • Gooseneck Kettle

  • Scale

  • Timer

Brew Time:

3-3.5 min

1.) First and foremost, we recommend that you grind your beans fresh for each brewing session. Ground coffee loses its flavor and aroma after 15 minutes.

take a look at these grinders for ideas.

2.) Boil about 20 fl oz. of water (600g).

3.) After water is boiling, let stand for approximately 1-minute.

4.) Using a kitchen scale or dedicated coffee scale, weigh out 23g of coffee. Grind coffee to a medium consistency (similar to sea salt) 

5.) After water is boiling, let stand for approximately 1-minute. Place dripper on decanter or mug and insert your filter. pre-wet your filter with hot water to remove papery taste and discard that water.

5.) Empty ground coffee into your filter and tap to level it. Place everything on the scale and press 'tare'. 

 6.)First Pour: Start a timer. Pour enough water just to soak the grounds (scale should read 60g), ensuring that there are no dry grounds left. At this moment the coffee will reach its 'bloom' state and give you a show! :) Let the coffee bloom for 15-30 seconds before moving on to the next pour.

6.) Second Pour: Start this pour in the middle of the grounds and gently spiral outwards. This technique allows the grounds to 'swirl' and helps make the extraction more even. 

Keep adding water in this spiral motion until the scale reaches 150g. Allow about 45 seconds to pass as the coffee drips.

7.) Third Pour: Over the next 15-20 seconds, pour using the same pattern as before until the scale reaches 250g.

8.) Final Pour: When the grounds have settled, pour directly in the center of the grounds until the scale reaches 350g. Allow it to finish dripping and voila! You're ready to enjoy your coffee :)

Yay! You did it... Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your coffee. 

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