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How To: Brew with a French Press

Things you'll need:

  • French Press

  • Grinder

  • Scale

  • Timer

  • Wooden Spoon

Brew Time:

3.5-4 min.

1.) First and foremost, we recommend that you grind your beans fresh for each brewing session. Ground coffee loses its flavor and aroma after 15 minutes.

take a look at these grinders for ideas.

2.) Adhering to a ratio of 1:12, boil about 800g of water for a 34oz French Press, adjust your amount to your presses size.

3.) After water is boiling, let stand for approximately 1-minute.

4.) Using a kitchen or dedicated coffee scale, weigh out ~60 grams of coffee (for 34 oz press.  Adjust to your size press).  Grind coffee to a medium-coarse consistency (similar to pretzel salt)

5.) Empty grounds into press, place press on scale, press 'tare' and pour enough hot water just to soak the grounds (80-100 grams). Stir the coffee with a wooden or other soft material spoon (metal could break the glass on your press).

6.) Continue to fill your French Press until the scale reaches 700-800g (for 34 oz press). Carefully remove from scale, and let stand for 3.5 minutes (a simple kitchen timer is a GREAT investment for coffee enthusiasts).

6.) Place the top of the press on and slowly plunge the lever down. Push down only until you feel resistance and then stop. Pour yourself a cup of love and enjoy! :) 

7.) If you have coffee left over in the press, pour it into a decanter or another mug to avoid the brew becoming oversaturated and muddy. 

Yay! You did it... Pat yourself on the back and go enjoy your coffee. 

Remember to keep your coffee fresh and in-stock. 

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