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Frequently Asked Questions.

everyone gets curious... we love to answer!

Where does your coffee come from?

This question is the essence of our existence! In a nutshell, we source, purchase and roast coffees from all over the world. From Ethiopia to Mexico to Papua New Guinea and all points in between, we continuously seek out the most amazing coffees in the world.  Our biggest priority when choosing a coffee is it's quality in the cup. The next crucial criteria is whether the coffee is being farmed and produced ethically and how it is helping to bring sustainability to the coffee industry. Also, much like fresh produce, coffee is a seasonal crop and we purchase with the harvesting seasons to bring you the newest and the freshest coffees available!

Where do you roast coffee?

In a secret lair carved into a mountain-side of the Swiss alps... just kidding. We currently roast all of our coffee in our tiny roast lab outside of Richmond, VA nestled on a picturesque corn-field.

When do you roast my coffee?

We roast each and every order placed on our website "to-order". Our production days are on Monday and Thursday. So for example: If you ordered on a Saturday, your coffee would be roasted on Monday.  If you ordered on a Tuesday, your coffee would be roasted on Thursday. This is optimal as coffee is best enjoyed at least a day or two after roasting to allow the flavor development to reach its prime state.

Why don't you offer ground coffee?

Trick question... we now officially offer ground coffee of various grind sizes to our online customers.  As much as we truly believe you will have the most special experience by grinding whole bean coffee just before brewing, we understand that some of our customers are not in a place to purchase a grinder right now, and we certainly do not want you to miss out on trying our coffee!

How are you creating positive change?

By seeking out every opportunity to learn and always remaining humble to the process of change, we aim to create real and sustainable change in communities abroad and here at home too.  We are firm believers that, together, we can achieve far more than any one person can alone.  We are always reaching out to collaborate with amazing people and organizations who are also on the path to spreading positivity. Always stay-tuned to see what new collaborations and initiatives we are working on!

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