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How To: Make Cold Brew with a French Press

Things you'll need:

  • French Press

  • Coffee Filter or Cheesecloth

  • Filtered Water

  • Scale or Measuring Cup

Brew Time:

12-24 hours

we highly recommend trying Her House Blend in Cold Brew recipes for its chocolatey, nutty characteristics :)

1.) First and foremost, we recommend that you grind your beans fresh for each brewing session. Ground coffee loses its flavor and aroma after 15 minutes.

take a look at these grinders for ideas.

2.) For this recipe, we will use a water-coffee ratio of 5:1. Make sure to find out the size of your french press for accurate measuring. For our purposes, we will brew according to a 34 oz. press.

3.) Weigh out 190 grams of coffee (or about one whole cup) and grind coffee.  You will be looking to get a very coarse ground similar to pretzel or margarita salt. (see below)

4.) Place coffee in French Press and slowly fill the press with cold or room temperature filtered water.

5.) Gently press down any remaining dry grounds with a spoon to ensure that all coffee is immersed (do not stir!)

6.) Place the top on the french press but do not press the plunger down.  Now for the fun part... Store the coffee either on your counter or in the fridge to brew for 12-24 hours. (We promise it's worth it!)

*If you decide to store in the fridge, brew closer to 24 hours.

7.) Once brewing has completed, slowly and gently press down on the plunger.  The whole motion should take about 25-30 seconds.

8.) At this point, the cold brew is drinkable, but we recommend filtering again for a cleaner taste.  Place a coffee filter or cheesecloth over the vessel you wish to keep your cold brew in and pour.

8.) You now have a delicious and refreshing batch of cold brew all for yourself! Pour the concentrate over Ice and dilute with equal parts water or milk. For a sweeter treat, add simple syrup or other tasty sweeteners.

*Cold brew will remain good for 1 week stored in the fridge!

Yay! You did it... Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your coffee. 

Remember to keep your coffee fresh and in-stock. 

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